2014 Calendar Updates


Here is what I propose for the club activities to the end of the year

WI State Fair
July 31 – August 10

Morton Arboretum
Saturday, August 2 & Sunday, August 3
10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Visitor Center, Sycamore Room

August 14
$2 workshop (I have about 10 trees that I snagged at Menards), or BYO
Gene W procumbens styling event
August 15-17
Chicago bonsai show
Sept. 11
Public bonsai exhibits in US
Sept 13-14
US bonsai exhibition – Rochester, NY
Oct. 9
Suiseki lecture and workshop
Nov. 13
Demo by club member
Dec. 11
What makes a good bonsai? Illustrated Lecture