Trip to Rotary and Anderson Gardens


Just a reminder that this Saturday we are going to Anderson and rotary gardens. If you have an Olbrich membership remember to bring your membership card. Without this card there is an admission fee at both gardens. I plan on going regardless of the weather, so plan accordingly. I can accommodate 5 more people in my vehicle. If we have more than this, another person will also need to drive.


June 28: Trip to Rotary Gardens in Janesville, and Anderson Garden in Rockford. We will leave Dutch Mill Park and Ride on Madison’s SE side at 8:00 a.m. Spend about 1.5 hours at Rotary Gardens from 9-10:30. Then about another 1.5 hours at Anderson, from 11-12:30. We’ll find a Japanese restaurant, and then head back to Madison. I plan to be back at the Park and Ride by 3:30 p.m. If you are an Olbrich member, entrance to the gardens is free. If not, Rotary charges $5 and Anderson $8. I encourage you to secure an Olbrich membership. It offers reciprocal entries into many, many gardens throughout the US. As Ron F pointed out in May, the Chicago show in August is free. The catch is it’s $20 to park (maybe for Chicago folks this seems reasonable, but to us cheeseheads it’s outrageous). HOWEVER, with an Olbrich membership parking is free.

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