Jul-14-2022 meeting — not at Olbrich !


This social get-together from 6:30pm to 8pm is being hosted at Big Kahuna Tropical Fish & Aquarium Maintenance Service, at 1010 Stewart Street, Madison. This is south of the beltline and east of Fish Hatchery road. (see maps below).

PLEASE be sure to bring along a portable chair

Activites at July meeting:

  • new attendees introductions
  • we will talk about a proposal for basic bonsai courses
  • bring along any bonsai-related items for sale, trading or giveaway
  • feel free to bring along any tree to discuss or work on
  • lots of door prize drawings … for BBS members only
  • we will have non-alcoholic drinks (sodas and water and coffee / tea) and simple pre-packaged snacks

Jul-2022 BBS Newsletter    … needs PDF reader

meeting at 1010 Stewart Street … see red “thumbtack” in map images below




Wayne (updated Jul-10th)
Badger Bonsai Society

Jun-9-2022 meeting at Olbrich


Meeting will be in the Olbrich Gardens “Upstairs Meeting Room” … this is on the second floor, our normal meeting location.  Masks  — no longer required, but your option if you prefer to wear one  !!!
This is an extended time meeting  … from 6:30pm to 8:45pm.

Agenda of June meeting:

  • new attendees introductions
  • update on BBS Library … now active at Olbrich’s Schumaker Library for checkouts
  • review slideshow of 2022 Annual Show
  • “post-mortum” of Annual Show … pros and cons … how to improve for May-2023
  • photos from ABS (American Bonsai Society) “learning-seminar” / Brussel’s rendezvous
  • discussion of Larch … members are encouraged to bring in Larch they have or are working on
  • review any “Show’n’Tell” items … gets members an extra door prize ticket
  • door prize drawings (for BBS members only)

Jun-2022 BBS Newsletter   high-quality 12.5 MB    or     min-size 8.8 MB … needs PDF reader

Wayne (updated Jun-5th)
Badger Bonsai Society