What’s New … ?


Use this page as a quick way to find new content that has been added to the Badger Bonsai Society website after Nov-1-2020.

  • Jan-10-2021:  Jan-2021 newsletter uploaded; added TIm presentation to agenda
  • Jan-7-2021:  notice of Jan-14th Zoom session
  • Dec-5-2020:  notice of Dec-10th Zoom session with Dec-2020 newsletter
  • Nov-11-2020: many of the posts on the website are now open for commenting, and will be posted publicly after moderated review
  • Nov-11-2020: added page for Tim’s June-2020 zoom session presentation on first styling of Juniper chinensis ‘Mint Julep’; turned on moderated comments for Tim’s and Mary’s pages
  • Nov-10-2020: prepared page for Mary’s September-2020 zoom session presentation on the planning and development of a Jade Tree Grove
  • Nov-10-2020: added What’s New page and menu choice, and post about it
  • Nov-6-2020:  added link for Nov-2020 newsletter download
  • Nov-3-2020:  post for Nov-12-2020 monthly meeting (zoom, not physical)