Updating Website with “old” newsletters


I have received some older “snail-mailed” newsletters from “longer-duration” BBS members, and am in the process of scanning, cleaning up, redacting (removing personal information) and uploading to the Archives / Monthly Newsletter list.  For example, the first one prepared from a hardcopy is from Jan-2009.

There is a lot of valuable and information contained in these documents, and uploading to our website will allow us to share this information with all members and visitors to our website.  Eventually, I also hope to add some brief summary statements and setup searching terms for each newsletter to make it easier to find relevant information.

If you should happen to have any old newsletters, whether hard copy or electronic, please drop me an email (members reference your monthly newsletter distribution for my email) as to what month and year you have.  DO  NOT  send to me without asking first, as I might already have those.

In general, if there is not a month-year entry in the Archive / Monthly Newsletter list, I do not have the hardcopy or file yet.  If the entry is noted as scanned from hardcopy, and you have a better looking version, or even an electronic version … please let me know so I can upgrade to the best quality available.

Thanks … and be patient,
Badger Bonsai Society