BBS Bonsai Course (3 sessions) in April-2019


The Badger Bonsai Society (BBS) will be presenting a course on Bonsai in 3 sessions in April-2019.  The first of 3 sessions will be presented Thursday Apr-4-2019, from 6pm to 8:30pm, at:

Klein’s Floral and Greenhouses
3758 E. Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53704

Note:  the store closes at 6pm, so be inside earlier to examine the selection of pots and plant stock available

At the Apr-4th, first session, Badger Bonsai Society Co-President will be lecturing and showing images about bonsai and will bring a tree to demonstrate the whole process of creating a bonsai from common nursery stock. Participants need not bring anything to the first meeting – they certainly can, if they wish – but, we will save the last two class sessions to have participants actually creating a bonsai. We will go over what tools, plant species, pots, etc. participants should bring to the next two sessions.

Session 2 (Apr-18th) and Session 3 (Apr-25th), will both also be at Klein’s Floral and Greenhouses, from 6pm to 8:30pm.  At these two sessions:  Participants will bring supplies (tools, pots, plants, …) to create their own bonsaithese details will be discussed in session 1 (Apr-4th).

Full details can be found in this PDF attachment (requires a PDF-viewer).

This link will open a new browser session (or tab) showing the location of Klein’s Floral and Greenhouses in Google Maps.

If you plan to attend this 1st session, we ask that you complete this contact form, indicating in the comment section that you will be attending the Apr-4th session, and how many people you will bring if more than just yourself. We will not share your email information, unless you indicate that you want to be added to the BBS mailing list.  Please submit this information by Wednesday Apr-3rd at 4pm so we can plan accordingly for seating and handouts for session 1.

The BBS is grateful to the assistance of Kathryn at Klein’s Floral and Greenhouses in helping to coordinate and for hosting these events.

Badger Bonsai Society