July-2020 meeting … no annual picnic … but doing a virtual meeting …


Although the COVID-19 situation stay-at-home has relaxed, there is still a restriction on the size of meetings at Olbrich Gardens … (I think it is less than 10 people) … we hope to be back to a physical meeting for Aug-13th, but only time will tell.

… and while our NORMAL annual schedule does not have a meeting in July, but rather has a Members Only picnic … because of the COVID-19 situation, such an event is not in the best public interest — and we WILL  NOT  have a membership picnic in July.

Instead we are going to “meet” via a virtual meeting on Thursday Jul-9th, starting at 6:30pm, using the free Zoom web client … for this meeting the normal Zoom policy of time restriction of 40 minutes has been waived.

The specific details for this Zoom virtual meeting will be mailed out to BBS mailing list recipients around Jul-5th.

Agenda of July activity:

  • brief (5 minute) intro to Zoom
  • review of public before-and-after progressions
  • zoom participant “shares”

Jul-2020 BBS Newsletter … needs PDF reader

Best and Safest wishes to all our members and followers !!!

Wayne (updated Jul-5th)
Badger Bonsai Society