Sep-2020 meeting … no physical meeting … but doing a virtual meeting …


As the COVID-19 situation has not improved, tight restrictions on the size of meetings at Olbrich Gardens have been re-imposed… (I think it is less than 10 people) … so again, no physical meeting at Olbrich.

Instead we are going to “meet” via a virtual meeting on Thursday Sep-10th, starting at 6:30pm, using the free Zoom web client … no time restrictions.

The specific details for this Zoom virtual meeting will be mailed out to BBS mailing list recipients around Sep-6th.  See the newsletter to request admittance if you are not on our mailing list.

Agenda of Sep activity:

  • brief (2 minute) intro to Zoom
  • developing a grove planting from Jade Plants:
    from MaryE:  Hi Everyone – I miss all of you and our meetings so much. For our September 10th Zoom meeting I will present a grove planting demonstration using Elephant Bush – Portulacaria afra – jade plant to most of us. I will include pictures taken during progress, text and me gabbing as usual. Back in March I found a pot with 7 very nice separate trunks at Home Depot and was going to do this at our March or April meeting. We all know where that went!
    This planting will be done on a shallow tray and I’m going to use a few unusual techniques that I haven’t tried before. This format gives me much more time to try things ahead of time than during a regular demonstration. Yes – I know we’re “zooming” – but I am counting on our usual fun exchange of tips, comments and praise? for the presenter. If you haven’t joined one of our Zoom meetings before – please give it a try.  “See” you on Thursday – Mary
  • legacy club video excerpts
  • door prizes
  • details of free 2 Lantana trees
  • review of public videos
  • zoom participant “shares”

Sep-2020 BBS Newsletter … needs PDF reader

Best and Safest wishes to all our members and followers !!!

Wayne (updated Sep-8th)
Badger Bonsai Society