April-2022 Monona Dig Activity


Here are photos from the early-April-2022 “dig” activity in the Monona area featuring a juniper and several yew bushes posted later in the week.

Here are the mature bushes surrounding a property in Monona that is scheduled to be razed for new construction. Zach and coke can included in some photos to emphasis the size. The first image with the light post globe shows a 7 foot tall plant.

(Below) Loren’s Juniper split into 2 plants, and transplanted at home immediately.

(Below) Zach’s removal of mature yew … cutback and immediately placed into a bonsai growing box … tight fit in car. Zach indicates “hope to make a promising bonsai in 5 to 10 years”.

(Below) Chris’s removal of smaller mature yew. Relatively easy removal as shrub existing on top of a large rock. Always remember that after digging, have to find a way to load and transport. Transplanted same afternoon at Chris’s house.

—Wayne Apr-13-2022