MEETING: Thursday October 9, 2014


Suiseki_islaOur next meeting, Thursday October 9, will be a lecture and workshop on suiseki. I have about 18 suitable stones that I will bring for club members. These all have cut bottoms, which will make the daiza carving much easier. The largest of these stones measures about 5.5 inches, and the smallest about half this size. What I would like you to bring is a piece of scrap lumber (walnut, maple, mahagony, would be good; oak not so good; pine okay if that is all you have) that measures no smaller than 5×5 inches, 3/4 inch thick, for the base of the stone.

Stone Lantern deals

Badger Bonsai Members –
The attached email from Stone Lantern has some good deals. I am placing an order for myself. If anyone else wants any of these items, let me know via email ASAP, and I’ll combine them on one order.
Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.36.52 AMWe just put

300 is max, so we won’t put any more items on special
however, to sweeten the pot you’ll receive an additional

10% off on all orders of 100.00 or more

(does not include shipping costs)

Sale will end Monday night, so

2014 Calendar Updates


Here is what I propose for the club activities to the end of the year

WI State Fair
July 31 – August 10

Morton Arboretum
Saturday, August 2 & Sunday, August 3
10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Visitor Center, Sycamore Room

August 14
$2 workshop (I have about 10 trees that I snagged at Menards), or BYO
Gene W procumbens styling event
August 15-17
Chicago bonsai show
Sept. 11
Public bonsai exhibits in US
Sept 13-14
US bonsai exhibition – Rochester, NY
Oct. 9
Suiseki lecture and workshop
Nov. 13
Demo by club member
Dec. 11
What makes a good bonsai? Illustrated Lecture

Trip to Rotary and Anderson Gardens


Just a reminder that this Saturday we are going to Anderson and rotary gardens. If you have an Olbrich membership remember to bring your membership card. Without this card there is an admission fee at both gardens. I plan on going regardless of the weather, so plan accordingly. I can accommodate 5 more people in my vehicle. If we have more than this, another person will also need to drive.


June 28: Trip to Rotary Gardens in Janesville, and Anderson Garden in Rockford. We will leave Dutch Mill Park and Ride on Madison’s SE side at 8:00 a.m. Spend about 1.5 hours at Rotary Gardens from 9-10:30. Then about another 1.5 hours at Anderson, from 11-12:30. We’ll find a Japanese restaurant, and then head back to Madison. I plan to be back at the Park and Ride by 3:30 p.m. If you are an Olbrich member, entrance to the gardens is free. If not, Rotary charges $5 and Anderson $8. I encourage you to secure an Olbrich membership. It offers reciprocal entries into many, many gardens throughout the US. As Ron F pointed out in May, the Chicago show in August is free. The catch is it’s $20 to park (maybe for Chicago folks this seems reasonable, but to us cheeseheads it’s outrageous). HOWEVER, with an Olbrich membership parking is free.

Margaret E and the creation of fairy gardens


In case you missed it, the Wisconsin State Journal on Wednesday May 28 ran a very nice article about member Margaret E and the creation of fairy gardens. Margaret works at America’s Best Flowers in Cottage Grove and is giving three workshops on the creation of fairy gardens – one at America’s Best on June 21, and two at Olbrich on June 19 and July 12. While not strictly bonsai, the objects, plant selection, pruning, etc have much in common. For more information contact either Olbrich, or America’s Best at 222-2269.

2014 Bonsai Exhibit


Wow! What a show! Excellent trees and displays, good attendance, great demonstrations – what more could there be? Thanks to everyone for making this a great success – and there are a lot of people to thank! Orion K for creating this years promotional flier; Gary L for supervising the set-up and clean-up crews and storing all the back drops and table coverings; Mary E for the newspaper publicity; Orion and Gary for the professional quality photography on Sunday (The pics will be on the website soon) ; thanks to all four demonstrators, who all did great demos – Devon, Matthew, Tim, and Ron; Set-up crew Gary, Gene and Linda, Derek, John, Tim, Mary, Orion, Brian and Diana; clean-up crew Gary, Gene and Linda, Matthew, Mary, Orion, Ron, John and Annie, Devon, Elaine, Tim; tree sitters and door greeters Orion, Brian, Mary, Elaine, Gene and Linda, Ron, Matthew, John and Annie, Devon, Tim, Gary, and Ralph. And, most importantly, to everyone that brought trees to show, for without the trees we wouldn’t have a show: Orion, Mary, Derek, Brian, Ron, Matthew, Annie, John, Gene and Linda, Devon, and Tim.

Brian won Best of Show for his striking schefflera. It was outstanding! Other top vote recipients were Gene’s shimpaku, Ron’s lilac, Ron’s Hornbeam, Devon’s shimpaku, Mary’s lilac, and Brian’s other schefflera. Matthew’s trees were all perfect, but what especially struck me was the excellent nebari they all had. And as can be attested to by those members at the entrance table, many, many people left without casting a ballot because they “were all so fantastic I couldn’t decide”.

Our show is probably the highlight of the year for the Society. So, to everyone that participated, a major “thank you” and a “job well done”; it was awesome.

If anyone has suggestions or ideas on how to improve things for next year, jot them down, or let me know.

If I have inadvertently left anyone off this thank-you list, my sincere apologies. Ill make corrections in the next post.

Pictures of the show will be posted here this weekend, sorry for the delay…