Jun-9-2022 meeting at Olbrich


Meeting will be in the Olbrich Gardens “Upstairs Meeting Room” … this is on the second floor, our normal meeting location.  Masks  — no longer required, but your option if you prefer to wear one  !!!
This is an extended time meeting  … from 6:30pm to 8:45pm.

Agenda of June meeting:

  • new attendees introductions
  • update on BBS Library … now active at Olbrich’s Schumaker Library for checkouts
  • review slideshow of 2022 Annual Show
  • “post-mortum” of Annual Show … pros and cons … how to improve for May-2023
  • photos from ABS (American Bonsai Society) “learning-seminar” / Brussel’s rendezvous
  • discussion of Larch … members are encouraged to bring in Larch they have or are working on
  • review any “Show’n’Tell” items … gets members an extra door prize ticket
  • door prize drawings (for BBS members only)

Jun-2022 BBS Newsletter   high-quality 12.5 MB    or     min-size 8.8 MB … needs PDF reader

Wayne (updated Jun-5th)
Badger Bonsai Society

Public Favorites from BBS 2022 Annual Show


With the conclusion of our Badger Bonsai Society 2022 Annual Show today at Olbrich Gardens, we have tallied the attendee’s votes for their favorite tree on display. We had 65 bonsai on display from 17 of our members.

Over the course of this 2 day event, we tallied 2034 attendee’s votes. Because not all attendees chose to vote or did not turn in their voting slip, we typically estimate the total attendance to be 15% greater than the number of tallied votes — that would mean we estimate that 2340 people attended this two day event at Olbrich Gardens.
(Last year we had 1150 votes and estimated attendance of 1350 people.)

On behalf of the Badger Bonsai Society, we thank all attendees for your interest and enthuiasm!
Please check back later in the week at this site for a survey about our show.

Fan Favorite #1

Hinoki Cyprus by Mary; estimated age 7 years and in her training for 2 years (this was a demo tree at our 2021 Show), collected 211 fan votes.

Fan Favorite #2

Weeping Hemlock in Rock by Jennifer; estimated age 7 to 10 years and in her training for 3 years, collected 175 fan votes.

Fan Favorite #3

Chinese Elm by Ron; estimated age 50 years and in his training for 17 years, collected 102 fan votes.

Fan Favorite #4

Pfitzer Juniper by Zach; estimated age 15 years and in his training for 8 years, collected 101 fan votes.

Fan Favorite #5

Azalea by Barbara; estimated age 5 years and in her training for 2 years, collected 89 fan votes.

Fan Favorite #6

South African Fig by Melba; estimated age 11 years and in her training for 8 years, collected 88 fan votes.

Wayne (updated May-22nd)
Badger Bonsai Society