Jan-2021 zoom meeting … no physical meeting & no annual dinner in Jan


As the COVID-19 situation has not improved … so again, no physical meeting at Olbrich.

Instead we are going to “meet” via a virtual meeting on Thursday Jan-14th, starting at 6:30pm, using the free Zoom web client … no time restrictions.

The specific details for this Zoom virtual meeting will be mailed out to BBS mailing list recipients around Jan-10th.  See the newsletter to request admittance if you are not on our mailing list.

Agenda of January activity:

  • brief (1 minute) intro to Zoom
  • discussion of bonsai tasks and todo activities during plant wintering
  • Tim presentation on outdoor bonsai displays
  • review any “Your Save” challenges
  • door prizes
  • discuss suggestions for changes to By-Laws
  • zoom participant “shares”
  • remember, normally our annual membership dinner is held in January, but that plan has been canceled / delayed due to COVID

Jan-2021 BBS Newsletter … needs PDF reader

Best and Safest wishes to all our members and followers !!!

Wayne (updated Jan-10th)
Badger Bonsai Society