Nov-11-2021 meeting at Olbrich


Meeting will be in the Olbrich Gardens “Upstairs Meeting Room” … this is on the second floor, our normal meeting location.  Masks  ARE  REQUIRED !!!      Meeting from 6:30pm to 8pm.

Agenda of November meeting:

  • new member introductions
  • discussion of wintering strategies
  • election of officers for 2022 … re-instating secretary position … anyone interested?
  • KenC’s presentation on Japanese Orchids
  • JonB on pottery and making bonsai pots
  • assess interest in bulk purchase of soil components … and weekend mixing / sifting event in early-Spring-2022
  • no Jan-2022 meeting, but planning on a membership dinner instead on Jan-13-2022 (discuss menu plans)
  • interests for 2022 … blank card survey
  • review any “Show’n’Tell” items … gets you an extra door prize ticket
  • door prizes

Nov-2021 BBS Newsletter … needs PDF reader  

Wayne (updated Nov-7th)
Badger Bonsai Society