Sep-8-2022 meeting at Olbrich


Meeting will be in the Olbrich Gardens “Upstairs Meeting Room” … this is on the second floor, our normal meeting location.  Masks  — no longer required, but your option if you prefer to wear one  !!!
This is an extended time meeting  … from 6:30pm to 8:45pm.

Agenda of September meeting:

  • new attendees introductions
  • progression history of Ron’s Little Leaf Linden bonsai
  • a brief introduction to smaller bonsai
  • conclude sign-ups for BBS Bonsai Fundamentals Course being offerred this fall and concluding spring-2023 … this is a BBS-members-only offerring
  • this month is a “you-work-on-your-BYO-bonsai” … for work that is suitable for your bonsai you bring in (though you should have a pretty solid plan in advance of the meeting for what you want to do, and know if that is an appropriate task for this time of the year)
    be sure to bring along your tools and necessary supplies (including a table covering to ease cleanup) to work on your bonsai.
    Senior members will be available for questions and potential guidance
  • also remember, if you have a special aspect or technique related to bonsai that you want to illustrate or share with the membership … then bring-in / do a Show-n-Tell”; this month, your Show-n-Tell DOES get members an extra door prize ticket
  • door prize drawings (for BBS members only)

Sep-2022 BBS Newsletter  … needs PDF reader

Wayne (updated Oct-9th)
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